“All of this shows the urgent need for us to move forward in a bold cultural revolution.  Science and technology are not neutral.” (LS, 114)

praised be 17-10

The global social, political and economic system that prevails today, has a sophisticated cultural apparatus and production of knowledge, which is perhaps its most successful dimension from which it draws its strength and feeds its existence.  Equipped with a complex technological and communicational network of global advocacy, it has succeeded in capturing our will and human desires, seducing us to consumption and the shackles of debt.  This is how much life condemns us to generate resources for survival through work, which we cannot jeopardize, calling for less precarious conditions because we have borrowed our income, seduced by disposable products.

The broadcasting of images and desires of a functional culture to this enforced, unjust and unequal order, permeates all spheres of our social relationships, fashioning a way of being, thinking and feeling that directs our personal and community life.

Nature is seen as a fount of resources needed to deliver this so-called “progress” that must serve the human being, who considers him/herself the centre and pillar to which everything around us must bow.

Meanwhile the processes of communication and the production of scientific and technical knowledge, are in tune with this productive mechanism that generates so much social injustice and damage to nature. Let’s take an example of a pharmaceutical company that is mainly oriented to the drug business worldwide. Instead of generating better conditions for the lives of the people, it manages a market for drugs, many of which are highly harmful and costly.

The official culture that rules us, also keeps us busy trying to survive, filling us with fears and guilt about ourselves and others, and leaving us no room for the possibility of critical thought or action. Even social networks, while allowing us to meet and interact with others that we do not even see, also involve the control of information and the actions of individuals and groups.

In order to oppose this form of subjugation and to re-establish new relationships with ourselves and with nature, it is necessary to be aware of the malaise and instability of the current conditions of our lives and reconstruct new meanings that allow men and women to emerge with a resolute preference to care for others and everything around us. It entails channelling the reflection onto ourselves in communion with nature and the cosmos, valuing knowledge and the recognition of all wisdom, all cultures and all sciences and technologies.  that is based on new forms of respectful coexistence, and at the service of a society that prevents violence based on the destruction of oppressive powers such as colonialism, patriarchy and capital.

Collaboration: Adriana Palacios, psychologist, member of Amerindia and board member of Diego de Medellín Ecumenical Center


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