Release of Campaign “Praised be Chile” (Alabado seas por Chile)

Praised be Chile

It’s with great pleasure and full of hope that the Coalición Ecuménica por el Cuidado de la Creación launches today its campaign “Alabado Sea por Chile” (Praised be Chile).  From the rich contemplation of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si (Praised be), inspired by Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Creatures, we take a look at our Chilean reality, that precious piece of sister and mother Earth in which we all inhabit.

We are launching this campaign during August, the month of solidarity, as an expression of our support for the communities in Chile that are affected by environmental degradation.  We will bring it to a close by the end of November, when our government participates in an international conference hosted by the United Nations in Paris, France, where international measures to curb climate change and save the future of this planet Earth, our only common home, will be decided.  This campaign is aimed at all those who are concerned about the ecological crisis and want to know more and be part of the change in Chile.

Every Monday and Thursday we will publish a phrase taken from the Encyclical linking it with an image depicting our Chilean reality. By so doing we hope to contextualize the message of the encyclical in the reality of our own country, which is afflicted by the plundering of its lands and waters, causing untold suffering to many.  Each phrase we share will be accompanied by a short, simple text in which we reflect on the situation of our common home, from the mountains to the sea, so that we are informed and inspired to make a change.  The encyclical invites us to be part of a paradigm shift, encompassing ethics, culture and spirituality.

Let’s make it our own!

Spread the word, share and discuss its message and be part of the campaign “Alabado Seas Chile” (Praised Be Chile)!



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